Trust Clear Choice Clinic with Your Well Woman Care

Periodic visits for reproductive and well woman care are recommended, even if individual components of that visit may not be indicated each year.
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Clear Choice Clinic offers annual physical exams for women, which may also include a Pap test. This exam may give you reassurance regarding your physical health or can serve as an alarm system that will catch health problems before they become serious. Pap screening should begin at age 21 and repeat testing is based on your age and screening results.


The Choice is Yours. Choose to Know.

At Clear Choice Clinic you will never be charged for your office visit. In some instances, lab testing may be recommended. Our lab will bill Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance for these labs, or you may prefer to pay our reduced cash rate for lab work. Clear Choice Clinic is not a primary health care provider, and some conditions may require referral to another health care provider.

Clear Choice Clinic strives to meet the sexual health care needs of the women of the Flathead Valley. We believe that all women should be able to find affordable sexual health care, which is why you’ll never be charged for an office visit. At Clear Choice, you will only be responsible for paying for your lab work, which may also be billed to Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance. If you’re paying cash for your lab work, see our affordable lab pricing, below.

Well Woman Lab Pricing

Test Method Cost
Pregnancy Test Urine FREE
Urine Chemstrip (Urinalysis) Urine FREE
Pap Test Exam and Lab $25
HPV Exam and Lab $40
Vag Path (BV, Trich, Yeast) Swab $35
Complete Blood Count (CBC) Blood $8
Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) Blood $15
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Blood $12
Hemoglobin A1C (Blood Glucose) Blood $8
Folate Blood $15
Vitamin B12 Blood $12
Vitamin D Blood


Lipid Panel Blood


As always, there is no charge for your office visit. To cover the cost of labs, payment or current insurance information (Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance) is required in full at the time of service.
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