If you think you have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease, it is important to get tested. Some common symptoms of STDs include unusual odor, discharge from the vagina or penis, burning during urination and sores on the genitals. However, many STDs do not cause any symptoms and it is possible to spread these diseases and infections without ever having symptoms.


The Choice is Yours. Choose to Know.

At Clear Choice Clinic there is never a fee for your office visit. Treatment for some STDs is offered without expense to the patient, while referrals for other treatments may be necessary.

 Across the nation, at any given time, there are more than 110 million total (new and existing) infections. These infections can lead to long-term health consequences, such as infertility; they can facilitate HIV transmission; and they have stigmatized entire subgroups of Americans.

At Clear Choice Clinic you’ll never be charged for an office visit. You will only be responsible for paying for your lab work, which may also be billed to Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance. If you’re paying cash for your lab work, see our affordable lab pricing, below.

Lab Pricing

Test Method Cost
Pregnancy Test Urine Free
Urine Chemstrip Quick Test (Urine) Free
Chlamydia Urine Test/Swab Free (first site)
Gonorrhea Urine Test/Swab Free (first site)
Gonorrhea/Chlamydia- Additional Sites/Tests Urine Test/Swab $8 each
Syphilis Blood Draw $8
HIV Blood Draw $10
Hepatitis B Blood Draw $15
Hepatitis C Blood Draw $15
Pap Test Exam and Lab $25
Genital Wart Exam and Treatment – First 3 visits are free Additional HPV Exam and Treatment Visits $25
Vag Path (BV, Trich, Yeast) Swab $35
HSV (Herpes) Types 1 & 2 Dermal Swab $40
HPV Exam and Lab


As always, there is no charge for your office visit. To cover the cost of labs, payment or current insurance information (Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance) is required in full at the time of service.
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